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I will start by saying, I agree that the ENTIRE helathcare law tramples on EVERYONE's rights. Not just religious groups. It allows the government to run our helathcare and decide who should get what care. We are heading toward death panels, people! The government will get to say Grandma, you have a lived a very long life. You are 92 years old and giving you treatment for cancer is going to cost too much for someone who is likely to die soon. Radiation and chemo are too expensive, DENIED .This is what takes place in almost every other Universal Care System . It will no longer be up to the patient, their family or their doctors to make this decision.The picture IS being used as propaganda. Most religious institutions are headed by men, the nature of their religions. No real surprise there.However, I do want to answer to how people that do not believe in birth control having to pay for it is unfair. Or single men having to pay for birth control is unfair. The premise of Health Care Insurance is spreading risk amongst society (this used to be done by communities in the old days men would contribute money to a pot and if one of them died, the pot would be used to assist their family..this is how insurance was born). I currently contribute to the costs of the guy down the hall getting cancer treatment. I do not have cancer nobody in my family has cancer (thank god, knock on wood) but I still contribute premiums to pay for this coverage. Someday it may be coverage I have to utilize, but as it stands now I don't. THAT is just the nature of insurance.If you don't want to pay for BC I understand it stinks, but if I instead, don't get the BC paid for through my health coverage and don't fall into a category where I can get it subsidized, and still cannot afford it, then I have no way to get it. Instead, your premiums will pay for all my prenatal care, all the costs of labor and delivery, and then the 18-26 years of all of my childrens' medical needs. That is CERTAINLY more costly than the initial $2600 that was paid by my insurance company to cover the Mirena that was inserted that will protect me from having children over the next five years, with no monthly cost and no side effects. I am in a committed marriage and enjoy relations with my husband, my body has NEVER been regular (except while on the pill) so natural planning would not work for us, instead should we just not have sex? Kind of unrealistic don't you think?I DO wish that I did not have to pay through my payroll and we all had options to choose our own care (this would create capitalism and real competition which would drive down costs) but until we get the government out of our bedrooms and out of our doctor visits that is not going to happen!

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